Tree Management Software - Arbortrack
ARBORtrack Web Product Information
Seamless mapping and aerial photography
Full gazeteer (postcode and map derived)
Attachments (photos taken in the field and files, e.g. pdf)
Shapefiles, view your own GIS supplied layers
Fully compatible with Ordnance Survey data
Export your tree stock to Shapefile
OS MasterMap, AddressBase, NLPG, Aerial Photos
Send survey queries directly to surveyors
View complete audit of all captured data
Ordnance Survey MasterMap
Setting report criteria
User defined reports
Bespoke reports e.g. Tree Canopy Cover by Area
Graphical Pie Charts and Bar Charts
Print to pdf, paper or export to xml/Excel
Export to Google Sheets
Report by geographical area
Report by selected trees
Facility to guide your surveying team
Guidance to next inspections required
Guidance to ad-hoc tree inspections
Tree colours set automatically for urgent trees
Tree colours reset once inspected
Provides guidance in the field, inc distance and direction
Diary Editor
Setting diary symbology
Editing schedule or rates
Create schedule of rates for each contractor
Prices can set by job spec and tree specification
Create orders by geographical area, street, park, work type
Create cyclical work orders
Generate financial reports by contractor and date period
Contractors can log in to sign off work / add notes
Export work orders to xml/Excel/Google Sheets
Work Orders
Edit individual users security and limit control
Amend drop down lists
Program Schedule of Rates
Edit contractor details
Upload and download shapefiles for use in your GIS
Backup your files and data
Control tablet access remotely
Editing users access right