Tree Management Software - Arbortrack
ARBORtrack Surveyor Product Information
View all your maps quickly and efficiently
Full gazetteer (postcode and map derived)
Combine with other surveyors to speed data collection
Use live or cached for bad signal areas
Fully compatible with Ordnance Survey data
View HD aerial photography to improve accuracy
User editable drop-down boxes
Ordnance Survey MasterMap On A Tablet
Use Integrated GPS And Camera
Use modern and quality hardware
Use GPS already on device
Take photos with the built in camera
Link photos to tree automatically with timestamp
Use same high quality maps as in office
Use guidance for directing surveyors
Guide them towards outstanding inspection
Guide them towards outstanding maintenance
View shapefiles, e.g. nearby TPO trees
View Council owned land
Full postcode and address search
Display grid to improve accuracy of tree placement
Use Guidance For Directing Surveyors