Testimonial: The Royal Parks
Mike Turner, Arboricultural Officer for The Royal Parks, London has given us his testimony to the usefulness of our system within the organisation:


"The Royal Parks has responsibility for around 150,000 trees located throughout all 8 Royal Parks and associated open space. Although paper based systems can maintain adequate detail for the day to day management of the tree stock, it is impossible to analyse the data effectively without considerable time commitment. Although we had some quite complex electronic data records stored both internally and externally, we reviewed and evaluated our requirements. It was decided that in order for us to effectively manage such a considerable tree stock, it is essential that all our trees needed to be recorded on one system accurately linked to a geographical information package that can be accessed centrally, and at a local park level. This would permit fast and easy access to all the relevant information concerning the management and maintenance of the trees across the estate. 

We reviewed a number of systems, but we found that the appearance of the Arbortrack system suited our requirements and it provided sufficient depth to meet our needs. It is simple and straightforward to operate, the Ordnance Survey data mapping is clear and permits fast and efficient recording and subsequent use and review of data. It is also possible to utilise aerial photographs to give a real-life ‘birds eye’ view – excellent for fast and accurate positioning of trees. Tree work costs can also be committed automatically to the appropriate budgets and orders can be directly e-mailed to contractors. Its use by comparable organisations also indicated its suitability for The Royal Parks.

Once we had decided to use Arbortrack, we were provided with all the resources, including skills training and 'hand holding' to facilitate our transition to the system in an efficient and friendly manner. TriNova Systems Limited were also flexible enough to help us make some system modifications to suit our needs, and despite the complexity of some of the changes, this was achieved on time with the minimum of input from ourselves. 

To date, in our first year since its installation and adoption, we have had no problems and have input over 5000 tree records onto the system, and we hope to meet our target of 12,000 in the first year of our implementation strategy."
Mike Turner - August 2006


Mike Turner - Arboricultural Officer - The Royal Parks