Full ARBORtrack
Designed to be used on a Windows Tablet PC and desktop PC's within the office. Features include:
  • Full Inventory and Maintenance recording
  • TPO Management
  • Tree Works Orders
  • Various Risk Assessment Modules
  • Customer Enquiries
  • Full reporting, work schedules and management reports
  • DGPS and GPS Tracking (NMEA, WGS84, OSGB36, OSTN02)
  • Forest Ace compatibility
  • Shapefile Loading and Querying
  • Export to MapInfo, Shapefile, XML Schema
  • MasterMap Compatible
ARBORtrack Web
Designed to be used on either Android or iPad tablets in the field via 3G/4G (connected) or Cached (disconnected) and desktop browsers within the office. Contact Us for preview login details. Features include:
  • Multiple surveyors can use and update all tree information
  • Either use connected with 3G/4G, or using a cached copy of the data
  • Link directly to your enquiry system portal
  • Incorporates NLPG / LLPG Data
  • Contractor login
  • Contractor issue work completed
  • Tree Works Orders
  • Notification of work completed
  • Shapefile Loading and Querying
  • GPS Tracking
  • MasterMap Compatible
  • Aerial Imagery