2012 User Group Meeting
Our sincere thanks to everyone who helped make the 3rd October meeting such a success. The feedback has been very encouraging, so watch this space for the next Arbortrack upgrades requested by you.
Graham Sear, Carl, Quentin and Martin Steele (Aspire Defence) receive question.
Graham Sear (Aspire Defence) explains some of the many uses they have found for the Build You Own facility within Arbortrack.
Full attention - we can't ask for more that that!
Robbie Barnes (Luton BC) gets his point of view over as Rupert Taylor (Reading University) patiently awaits his opportunity.
Bradley Viljoen (City of London) describes one of the upgrades he would like to see included.
Was putting two Julians together really a good idea?
As always we try to keep our User Group Meetings informal but informative.